Andrew Phillips founded Sabaothic Cherubim in 1990. He is the lead vocalist, as well as the rhythm and lead guitarist. Andrew writes the majority of the songs (music and lyrics). All of the band's music videos have been directed and produced by Andrew. He has been involved in the Grindcore/Death Metal scene for over 20 years. Andrew uses BC Rich & First Act Custom guitars, Line 6 effects, Ampeg amps and Kahler & Floyd Rose tremolo bridges.


Raymond Kratochvil joined Sabaothic Cherubim in the summer of 2008, after Shane's departure. He is the rhythm, and occasional, lead guitarist and has been active within the Death Metal & Black Metal scene for over 15 years. In addition to Sabaothic Cherubim, he is currently working on a solo project under the Black Metal band name Devourement of Flesh ( ). Raymond uses BC Rich & Jackson guitars, Line 6 effects, Marshall amps and Floyd Rose tremolo bridges.


Alex Paul joined Sabaothic Cherubim shortly after Raymond in 2008. He is the first official bass player of Sabaothic Cherubim, and is an extremely skilled bassist. His first appearance with the band was in the music video for The Passing. He is currently involved with several other music related projects outside of Sabaothic Cherubim. Alex uses Dean & Peavey bass guitars.